Where would we be without the humble stubby holder? Forty degree days, summer barbeques, birthdays... even the occasional wedding - they wouldn’t be complete without your favourite holder cooling your drink of choice.

So as we get ready to celebrate 40-years of the quintessentially Aussie invention (the stubby holder’s creation is credited to Malcolm Lock in 1972) we thought it was time man’s (second) best friend had a home.

The Stubby Cubby is the first and only purpose-designed stubby holder-holder on the market. And like all good inventions, its creation came from necessity. Because who doesn’t have a draw, cupboard, box or bag full of coolers. Precious mementos of your travels across Australia; cheap gifts from friends and family; and giveaways from any and every organisation you’ve ever had something to do with.

So while the humble holder has been multiplying at will (much to the distress of wives, husbands, girl / boyfriends and clean freaks across Australia), we’ve decided to take a stand and rein them in.

The Stubby Cubby is stylish, practical and affordable. It’s perfectly suited to the pool room, outdoor entertaining area or even the kitchen. In short, it’s the perfect bar fridge accessory!

To order yours, simply contact us to find a stockist near you.

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